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Hamburg is the leading cargo airport in Northern Germany.
Elb Logistics GmbH as a well-known partner of many airlines is specialized in air freight:

  • Cargo handling
  • Worldwide logistics
  • Custom clearance
  • In-time shipment of your freight
  • Current information on your shipping status

Air Cargo - an increasing economy
No other sector of transportation has shown such major growth during the past 40 years. This is partly due to increased division of labor across a global economy and apart from that the proportion of high value goods being exported is steadily increasing. Your advantages of air cargo:

  • Speed: aircrafts have the shortest shipment times of all kinds of transport.
  • Security: shorter shipping times mean less opportunity for mischief and less impact from environmental factors and vibration during handling and transport.
  • Reliability: flight schedules are usually kept to the minute, so that the shipment can be precisely timed.

Air shipments are often less expensive because storage costs and waiting times are kept to a minimum. You decide: express, direct flight, or the least expensive option of a consolidated shipment.