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To avoid extra custom costs for re-exported goods Elb Logistics offers a bonded warehouse in Hamburg.

If you want to store your imported goods from Asia in Hamburg and send it to Brazil afterwards you usually would have to declare your goods in Germany and Brazil and pay customs twice! This does not apply to your goods stored in our own Elb Logistics warehouse.

In our warehouse goods are stored, which are not provided for its final destination yet. As long as goods are in this status they are free from levies. Elb Logistics has the approval by the German customs administration for this type of storage. Of course the law compliant use of the goods is monitored by Elb Logisitcs because without the appropriate customs documents your goods can not be altered or be delivered.

  • Use the Elb Logistics warehouse in Hamburg
  • Take the advantage of our custom-free warehousing
  • Qualified personal

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