Bonded warehouse in Hamburg - for maximum speed and reliability

If imported goods are intended for subsequent export to another country, customs duties usually have to be paid at the border. Elb Logistics offers you significant added value with considerable cost savings by providing our own bonded warehouse.

The use of our bonded warehouse is particularly advantageous if, for example, you want to store imported goods from Asia in Germany and then ship them to Brazil. In a conventional scenario, you would have to clear your goods through customs in both Germany and Brazil. By storing your goods in Elb Logistics' bonded warehouse, however, this double customs clearance is no longer necessary.

Goods that do not yet have a final destination can be stored in our bonded warehouse. As long as the goods are in this status, no customs duties or taxes are levied on them. Elb Logistics has official approval from the German customs administration for this form of customs warehousing. At the same time, we carefully monitor the legally prescribed use of the goods, as delivery or modification of the goods is not permitted without the appropriate customs documents. This strict control ensures compliance with all relevant rules and regulations in connection with customs warehousing.

Using our bonded warehouse therefore not only offers an efficient solution for the storage of goods, but also a legally compliant and cost-effective way to avoid the double customs clearance associated with traditional customs procedures. Elb Logistics is at your side as a reliable partner to ensure that your import and export process runs smoothly and complies with the law.


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