Ship spare parts

Spare parts logistics for shipping companies and after-sales service
Efficient spare parts logistics thanks to a reliable network.

We ensure the smooth and timely delivery of spare parts, as the failure of relevant components of drives, machines or loading systems always results in high downtime costs.

Efficient supply chain planning leads to the precise delivery of required spare parts to dealers and service technicians on site. The right parts are delivered to where they are needed, when they are needed. Our employees are familiar with the often difficult and time-critical transportation of main and auxiliary engines, compressors, pumps and marine safety equipment. Years of experience and specialization guarantee that the goods will be delivered on time whenever possible.

Are you looking for a freight forwarder that covers the entire range of requirements for ship spares transportation and logistics services? And who does this quickly and reliably in all areas?

You have found it.

Just-in-time ship deliveries with 24/7 express service

You want to receive deliveries to a ship at a specific time? No problem. Our team is specialized in the coordination of scheduling and deliveries on the worldwide routes of ships, because we know where the ships are. We know all possible delivery time slots and can therefore deliver on time worldwide.

We are able to carry out customized and punctual spare parts deliveries. As many transport flights usually take place in the late evening, the required delivery of spare parts can be delivered to the respective destination region the very next morning. We focus on the fastest possible deliveries to minimize your downtimes.

Optimized logistics for the provision of ship spare parts through to delivery on board

An efficient logistics process for the procurement and provision of ship spare parts is essential to minimize ship downtime and ensure smooth operations at sea. The following describes the high-quality process that ensures the required spare parts arrive on the ship on time and in optimal condition.

The process begins with a detailed requirements analysis, in which the ship's engineers determine the need for spare parts. Based on this analysis, a precise purchase order is created that contains the exact specifications and quantities of the required parts. The selection of reliable suppliers is crucial. A careful selection process ensures not only the quality of the parts, but also that delivery deadlines are met. Contract negotiations also include the definition of delivery terms, return regulations and quality standards.

International deliveries require smooth customs clearance. The necessary export documentation, which accompanies the customs formalities, is carefully prepared to avoid delays. During transportation, the spare parts are continuously monitored. This can be done through the use of GPS tracking, temperature monitoring and other sensors to ensure that the parts arrive in perfect condition. Upon arrival at the port, the spare parts are unloaded in compliance with all safety regulations. Efficient port management ensures that everything runs smoothly.

The last few miles to the ship require precise coordination. It is important to get the spare parts on board on time and in perfect condition. This can be facilitated by the use of specialized means of transport such as forklift trucks or cranes. After delivery, final documentation takes place to track the complete delivery process. The quality of the delivered spare parts is checked again to ensure that they meet the standards.

An effective logistics process for ship spare parts requires precise planning, careful execution and the use of modern technologies to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the entire process. This optimized process minimizes downtime and helps to optimize shipping operating costs.


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